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After rain, snow, wind and cold…the season got underway a day late in Chicago.  After a heartbreaking loss in the opener, Game 2 had a better ending.



Sunday and Monday were washouts.  Sundays workout was cancelled…so was Monday’s game.Opening Game 4.8.jpg


By Tuesday they were ready to “play ball.”  Navy personnel unfurled a giant flag on Tuesday during ceremonies before the opener.Teahen at Cellular.jpg



Before Wednesdays game, infield coach Dave Owen (left) is playing the part of a shortstop/third baseman, making throws to 2B Mark Teahen…who’s working on making the pivot at second base.Soria at Cellular.jpg


After a tough loss Tuesday, great to see Joakim Soria come on and mow down the White Sox 1-2-3.  A combined shutout!  Greinke-Cruz-Soria.  A 2-nothing win!


I had a lot of fun with four Royals players (one of them former…Royals Hall of Famer Frank White), as they helped show youngsters from the George Brett Baseball and Softball Program some baseball fundamentals.  Also thanks to team photographer Chris Vleisides for taking these photos. A REMINDER ON THIS BLOG: YOU CAN CLICK ON ANY PHOTOGRAPH TO ENLARGE.


After Frank White was finished teaching the kids the finer points of playing defense, Luke Hochevar came out on the field and talked about, what else? Pitching.  He said, among other things, that he didn’t start throwing breaking balls until he was 16, which drew a round of applause form the coaches, intent on protecting young arms.  Luke also showed the grips he uses on the pitches he throws.  The 108-foot crown vision board made it easy for the kids to see how a Major Leaguer holds the baseball.




Mark Teahen was fresh off a recent inside-the-park home run.  He talked to the kids about baserunning, how big a lead to take, how to round the bases and much more.  I didn’t make him run full-speed around the bases, figured I’d take it easy on him, since he had a game to play later in the day.D2X_8809.jpg


You can there were a lot of youngsters there eager to hear from the big league guys.  It was a gorgeous day, and they got to see a game after the instructional portion of the day was over.D2X_8814.jpg




John Buck was good enough to talk about hitting, his approach, his swing, etc.D2X_8872.jpg 


John put on a demonstration for the kids.  Coach Rusty Kuntz threw batting practice to John and he took the kids through everything the big league guys do in BP each day, round-by-round.  My thanks to Frank, Luke, Mark and John for showing these youngsters the right way to play.