June 2013

Udder Frustration

The Royals went on a five-game road trip, facing the best team in the National League, followed by the best team in the American League.  Normally five days is considered a “short” trip for a baseball team.  But an all night bus ride and a game that lasted past 3:00 am changed the description from “short” to “unforgettable.”


In Texas the Royals faced the Rangers, the team with the best record in the American League.  In the Saturday game, Royals catcher George Kottaras was a winner TWICE.  In the 10th inning he hit a 2-run double to right field.  It stretched a 2-1 Royals lead into a 4-1 winning margin.  Kottaras hit the double off of Texas reliever Robbie Ross.  Before the game George beat Ross in a cow milking contest.  George had NEVER milked a cow.  He watched YouTube videos to learn how it was done.  Pretty smart.  The scouts said he had good hands.  So did the cow.


I had no idea what this hot dog vehicle was used for.  I just had to take a picture when I saw it in the tunnel at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  Just checked.  They sell a two-foot long dog at the ballpark.  The Boomstick dog is as big as six regular hotdogs and is served with brisket, pico, sour cream and nacho cheese Doritos.  Cost: $32.  In case you can’t tell this is actually a vehicle that somone drives around the ballpark to promote the mega product.


I don’t think the giant hot dog floats, but if it did I might want to drive it in the beautiful pool at our Texas hotel.  The good news is it’s a beautiful pool.  The bad news is that because of our 7:00 a.m. arrival the first day of the series (after the marathon game in St. Louis) and because Saturday was a day game, there was no pool time in Texas.  Didn’t get to sleep until about 7:30 am on Friday…so…oh well…


Speaking of the marathon game in St. Louis, it was something none of us will ever forget.  The 7:15 game was delayed an hour at the start (so it began at 8:15) then was interrupted by a downpour at 10:32 in the top of the 9th.  The Royals had just taken a 4-1 lead.  So we waited. And waited.  Yes, we stayed on the air the entire 4 hour 32 minute delay.  So total broadcast time was almost 9 hours.  Here we see Denny broadcasting a baseball game at approximately 3:10 a.m.  It was the latest broadcast in his 45-year, Hall of Fame career.  There were about 35 people left in the stands.  I actually found a concession stand still open at 2:45 am.


And before the marathon even began it was ALREADY an historic day in Royals history.  George Brett was announced as the new Royals hitting coach earlier that day.  He had his press conference just as his team was beginning batting practice.  George admitted he was “scared to death” of this new challenge, but that he had that same fear when he first arrived in the Major Leagues as a player.


And before the press conference Denny sat down for a 40 minute interview with Hall of Famer Whitey Herzog.  We aired the interview with the longtime Royals and Cardinals manager later that night during our rain delay (no we didn’t know there would be a long delay, this was pre planned by Denny).  It will also be used as part of Whitey’s interactive display in the Royals Hall of Fame.photo 7

Before we arrived in St. Louis we had to GET TO St. Louis.  As you may have heard, there was a problem with our plane.  So the trip became an overnight bus ride.  We were picked up at the downtown airport for our trip by motor coach.  Here you see Denny across the aisle from me, as we’re driving right by Kauffman Stadium…on our way to St. Louis.  Every player on the team was reliving his minor league days for a night…the all night bus ride.  By all accounts the players had a lot of fun on their bus.  Our bus was pretty quiet…as we began a very memorable five-day journey.