Where’s The Fire?

The Royals trip to Tampa Bay and Boston was forgettable on the field, but it’s never a dull moment during the course of a Major League Baseball season:


On our first morning in St. Pete, the hotel fire alarm sounded.  It was not a drill.  An electrical fire was under control very quickly, but they evacuated the rooms for about an hour.  Although our hotel has a beautiful veranda (or as the Vinoy spells it “verandah”), we were not sitting there at that time by choice.  As you can see it overlooks a marina right on the bay.  And it was already hot.  It makes Missouri humidity seem not so bad.  After the fire department checked everything out, everyone was allowed to head back inside.





While the Midwest has suffered through a drought (until Labor Day weekend anyway), in Florida it rains virtually every day this time of year.   Lots and lots of storms, rain and humidity means that having a dome is a good thing.  Yes it would be great to have a retractable roof, etc.  But in August the roof is a blessing!






You might be a Royals coach if……   Yes that’s Ned Yosts’ next door neighbor Jeff Foxworthy, paying the Royals a visit for the second consecutive year.  He and Ned are hunting buddies all winter in Georgia, where they both live.  Foxworthy was in uniform during batting practice and enjoyed getting a chance to explore Fenway Park, which this year celebrated its 100th anniversary.







That’s Royals first base coach Rusty Kuntz sitting next to an inanimate version of the Red Sox mascot “Wally the Green Monster” after a game.  Rusty may be the most upbeat human being on the planet.  A personality like his is a boost to everyones spirits every day during the marathon that is a Major League Baseball season.






On our day off in Boston, Steve Physioc and I headed over to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.  Set right on the water, it’s a beautiful tribute to the life of our 35th president.  This was the boat he sailed, Victura; he enjoyed the 26-foot sailboat his whole life.  Worth the trip next time you’re in Boston.

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