July Images

While July was a rough month for the Royals on the field, the All-Star celebration provided Kansas City with a Field of Dreams.  And the West Coast weather was delightful (even if the scores of most of the games were not).

One of the most beautiful settings in all of baseball is Safeco Field, which recently celebrated its 13th anniversary as the home of the Mariners.  The roof is open most days this time of year, temperatures are generally in the 70’s or low 80’s (we saw temps in the 60’s on the final day we were there).  On this day Felix Hernandez aka “King Felix” was pitching.  M’s were on a roll, sweeping the Royals then sweeping Toronto.


While the Royals were in Seattle, the Mariners inducted former pitcher Randy Johnson and former catcher Dan Wilson into their Hall of Fame.  After the ceremony they shared first pitch honors.  The Big Unit blossomed as a big leaguer while in Seattle.  He pitched in the Kingdome from 1989 until 1997, maturing from a flame throwing tall guy who had no idea where the ball was going and scared hitters to death, to a flame throwing tall guy who usually knew where the ball was going and scared hitters to death.  He finished his career with 303 wins.  Dan Wilson was a Mariner from 1994 until 2005.  He is considered one of the best defensive catchers in Major League history.




I just thought I’d drop this in to show you how nice it was in Southern California and, later, in Seattle.  In my especially cruel moments I would send an image like this one back to the midwest, where the temps were north of 100 degrees, as if to say “read em and weep!”





The pool is a very inviting on a 77 degree day.  It’s a temperature which allows you to comfortably get in the pool if you’d like, but you don’t feel forced to get in because of sauna-like conditions.






Of course the highlight of July for the whole Kansas City region was the All-Star Game and all the events surrounding it.  The people of Kansas City did a magnificent job welcoming the world to town.  My brother, Andrew and his son Charlie joined my son John and me (I took the picture) for the Derby and the game.  We had a blast.

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