You Might Be a Sportscaster if…

You never know who might show up in our radio booth or on our air….

You might be surprised to learn that comedian Jeff Foxworthy is not only Ned Yost’s neighbor near Atlanta, but also one of his best friends.  They spend much of the offseason hunting together.  While the Braves are Jeff’s favorite team, the Royals have become his “other” favorite team, thanks to Ned.  Jeff is a super nice guy, and he was good enough to come by the broadcast booth and spend an inning visiting with Bob and Denny.  He also took batting practice before the game.  Ned says his swing has improved over the years (of course so has his bank account).  Foxworthy says Ned is one of the funniest people he’s ever met….high praise from a pro…



Othere celebrities were in our midst in June, including a graduate of Shawnee Mission West High School and KU, actor Paul Rudd.  Here he takes batting practice prior to the Big Slick Celebrity Whiffle ball Game that also involved fellow KC native Rob Riggle, as well as actor Jon Hamm.





Paul was in Clueless, Anchorman, The 40-year-old Virgin, I Love You Man, How Do You Know, among many other films.  He was also a regular on the TV show Friends, playing Mike Hannigan, Phoebe’s boyfriend and later husband.  He’s a lifelong Royals fan.  He was at Game 6 of the 1985 World Series.  Was not able to be at Game 7.  He’s also a diehard KU fan, where he went to school.







Here was the Big Slick Celebrity Whiffle Ball Game, played on the Little K at Kauffman Stadium.  Great crowd turned out before the Royals-Cubs game that evening.  The contest benefitted Children’s Mercy Hospital.  Besides Rudd, Riggle, and Hamm, celebrities included former Royals George Brett, John Wathan and Al Fitzmorris.  Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was in the game as well, along with several local media personalities.  Cassel and Jon Hamm were named the games MVP’s.   It ended, appropriately enough, in an 11-11 tie.




Another June highlight was the induction of former Royals pitcher Kevin Appier into the Royals Hall of Fame.  He becomes the 24th person so honored.  “Ape” is the all-time Royals strikeout leader and was one of the better starting pitchers of his era.  Kevin is never really comfortable in a suit.  But for this occasion he was happy to get dressed up.  Denny was master of ceremonies for the onfield induction, and then invited Kevin up to the radio to booth for an inning to talk about his fine career and some of his favorite memories.




My son John made yet another couple of appearances at Kauffman Stadium for  the Cubs series.  His Aunt Maureen was kind enough to bring him to one of the games.  John always seems to be around for wins….ever year.  The Royals record with him in attendance this season is 5-4.  Maybe we need him at the ballpark more often!  If it weren’t for all those darned school nights…and summer trips…and little league games…









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