It definitely felt like summer as the Royals made their one trip to New York this season. A couple of long rain delays meant spending extra time at the new Yankee Stadium, now in its second year.

Strange site next door, as the old park has been torn down. A park will be built on the spot where the old stadium was located. The park will include a ballfield where the old diamond was located.


Photo 1.jpgThe big story for Yankee fans and media when the Royals rolled into town was the A-Rod story. Would he hit home run number 600 against the Royals? The answer…NO! 



Photo 2.jpg


When they opened the new Yankee Stadium last year, they moved all the monuments over from the old place. Here a couple plays kiss-cam in front of Babe Ruth’s retired number. Monument Park is definitely worth a visit if you go. Kissing is optional…

Photo 3.jpg



… How hot was it? This thermometer was located in the 3rd base camera, adjacent to the Royals dugout. Ouch! Going on the field after the game was an incredibly steamy experience!






Thumbnail image for Photo 4.jpg 

Fortunately (or unfortunately) there are plenty of ways to cool off at Yankee Stadium. The media dining room provides a daily feast that would have made King Henry VIII say “no more….I’m full…really….” A disturbing trend in media dining rooms all over the country, soft ice cream machines.

Photo 5.jpg Did I mention that there are many, many choices of both healthy and unhealthy food in the media dining room? Yikes! And worse yet, the media can graze through the various buffets throughout the game. Fortunately for me the rain delays kept me busy during a couple of the games, helping keep my in-game grazing to a minimum. Of course there was plenty of pre-game grazing.

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