The Rays (and before that, the Devil Rays) have been tough on the Royals over the years at Tropicana Field, so I thought I’d try to find some positive experiences Royals fans could enjoy under the dome in St. Pete.

The Trop.jpg


Here’s something you may not have expected to see heading into the 2008 season….banners commemorating Tampa Bay’s first American League East Division title…as well as their 2008 American League Pennant.Tank.jpg  


When they renovated this dome a couple of years ago…one of the things they added was a giant Cownose Ray Tank just beyond the centerfield wall.Stingrays.jpg  

Fans line up for the chance to go look at the Rays…and…yes…reach in and pet the sea creatures….the way things were going for the Royals….I didn’t feel comfortable sticking my hand in there….welcome sign.jpg


Another feature added to Tropicana Field during the most recent renovations was the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame.sox jersey.jpg

This is must-see if you make it to St. Petersburg.  Very impressive.  The former location was in Hernando, Florida about a hundred miles north, but it had financial problems and was in a somewhat remote location…so even though he was a hero in Boston….his personal memorabilia is here at Tropicana Field.displays.jpg

I’m not doing this HOF justice with just a few shots…this is just part of what’s on display.  Williams, besides being “the greatest hitter who ever lived,” was so much more…war hero…champion fisherman.   Very impressive display.military service.jpg

He fought in two wars….missing almost five years of his career to serve his country.  I asked former Yankee infielder Jerry Coleman about what happened to player’s skills when they left the game for a couple of seasons…he told me that a player’s skills diminish, at least a little bit with all that time away from the Big Leagues.  This makes the accomplishments of Williams and other player/war heroes like Bob Feller all the more frame.jpg


Here’s the greatest hitter who ever lived with the greatest player who ever lived.  I’d take those two in my lineup!


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