During a recent broadcast Bob Davis was saluting one of our fine Royals Radio Network affiliates:  KXXX AM 790 in Colby, Kansas.  So I said to Bob “I wonder if Colby Curry has ever been to Colby, Kansas?”

Colby is a vital part of the Royals outstanding media relations team.  His title is Coordinator-Communications and Broadcasting.

So here is visual proof that our man Colby has, in fact, been to Colby….followed by his explanation:


Colby 053.jpg
Colby 054.jpgFrom 2003 to 2005, I lived in Oregon while completing my MBA at Willamette University .  I loved Oregon and had some work opportunities there but couldn’t find my dream job in sports.  I made the decision to move back to Illinois and pursue the dream job from there. 

On my way back, I stopped in Logan , Utah for a few days to see friends from grad school (hence the Utah State Aggies shirt, which I received from them).  I drove on to Denver , where I looked around for a few hours and thought of it as a possible career destination.  I left Denver and proceeded along I-70 to Colby.  I hadn’t stopped in Colby for many years so I took the opportunity to check out the visitor’s center.   The volunteer asked what brought me to Colby and so I proceeded to sign my name on their visitor’s log.  He saw my name and insisted on taking a few pictures.  I thanked him and drove around the town, making one stop to buy Colby postcards.  I proceeded on east to through Kansas City and on to Illinois . A short time later, I started my dream job in sports with the Royals!

(I will post in a similar manner if we ever hire anybody named Emporia, Omaha, Des Moines or Springfield….)


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