The second Saturday home game was the third sellout at New Kauffman Stadium.  On last years jersey giveaway night,  Billy Butler was honored, it was 37 degrees at gametime.  This year, a much more tolerable 75.   It was a VERY popular promotion…How popular?

40th Jersey Crowd.jpg 

Thousands were lined up hours before the game, hoping for the 40th Anniversary home white jersey (the Royals first season was 1969…)  This picture doesn’t do the pregame crowd justice…they were lined up all around the New K.  
Giveaway Entrance.jpgThe gates opened early…3:00 for the 6:10 start…and the masses were ready!   The number 40 adorned every jersey.  Although It marks the club’s 40th anniversary…just so you know…here’s a list of Royals who have worn 40 on their back:
Chris Zachary 1969
Dave Wickersham 1969
Jim York 1970-71
Steve Busby 1972-76, 1978-80
Mike Jones 1981
Bud Black 1982-88
Rick Luecken 1989
Daryl Smith 1990
Curt Young 1992
Kevin Koslofski 1992-94
Jose Mota 1995
Runelvys Hernandez 2002-06
Brian Bannister 2007
Kip Wells 2008
and currently…………Kyle Farnsworth

40 40 Guy.jpg


The Royals have never had a “40/40” guy (at least 40 homers and 40 steals in one season)…but with the first 20,000 fans picking up jerseys with “40” on them…there were 10,000 “40/40’s” in the house!  It was great seeing the New “K” packed for batting practice a couple of hours before gametime!

Mom and Daughter.jpg



 Like mother, like daughter.  We know the little one is under 40…is the mom under 40?  She’ll never tell.  It doesn’t matter…this season EVERYBODY is 40!


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