With about a quarter of the season left to go, some snapshots from Kauffman Stadium:
We’re not sure what kind of bug this is, but from this view, it looks like it could eat half the infield.  Fortunately no one was injured in the process of capturing this insect on film.  Just thought it was an interesting photo, as the bug crawled up one of the windows in the radio booth.Larry Gura.jpg
On Larry Gura Bobblehead Night, Larry admires his likeness with Nick Wright of 610 Sports.  Larry was good enough to come by the radio booth for a visit as well.  He was a pioneer in baseball, a fanatic about nutrition and weight training, years before it became commonplace for all ballplayers to pay attention to such matters.  He, of course, credits his wife with helping with the nutrition part.  Larry has a ranch near the Royals’ Spring Training home in Surprise, AZ.Marty.jpg
On 610 Saturday, our flagship radio station has a party for the fans, here post-game host Marty Wall is on stage with his band, showing he doesn’t just talk a good game, he can sing one too.  And he could play a guitar just-like-a-ringin-a-bell….Sorry, dated referrence, lost on younger blog readers…Steve Stone & Jerry Krause.jpg
Here’s former Cy Young Award winner and White Sox broadcaster Steve Stone, with New York Mets scout Jerry Krause, who’s better known for his days when he was Michael Jordan’s boss, as GM of the Chicago Bulls.  Just finishing up dinner in the press dining room before a game.  Wish we would have had tape rolling, because it was an entertaining conversation, to say the least.Trey Throwing.jpg
Before the Royals faced Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, Manager Trey Hillman warms up his own knuckleball before throwing batting practice.   

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