When your team is 6-1 on a homestand, you get a little greedy, but the Royals left town after going 6-3.  Some images from the 10-day stay in KC:

 Sky Show.jpg


After losing to the Giants a couple of Fridays ago, the sellout crowd “oood” and “ahhhd” at the largest fireworks display in the history of Kansas City.  It was an amazing show.Pool Time.jpg

After such a brutal winter, and bad weather in April and much of May, we finally had a great run of weather.  The pool where I live re-opened after a renovation.  They even had a party to celebrate.  I had to say over and over again, when offered refreshments, “Thanks, but we’ve got a game tonight!”  My will power won the day.Photog.jpg



The Royals won the first game versus St. Louis.  KC Star photographer, John Sleezer,  gets a shot late in the game, as the Royals close out a 7-2 win, an I-70 Series-clinching victory!Art Stewart.jpg


Saturday night the sellout crowd was there to see a great man honored before the game.  Art Stewart (no relation) is now a member of the Royals Hall of Fame.  Great to see so many Royals Hall of Famers, as well as Royals owner David Glass, there to honor a special man who has meant so much to the organization.


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