I-70 SERIES: Act One

The recent road trip wound up being a great one for the Royals…5-1, including a first-ever sweep in St. Louis.  A few pics from my hometown. 

Busch Stadium.jpg



The new Busch Stadium, now in its third year.  Very nice new park.  The locals resisted the idea of a new stadium, but they seem to be enjoying their new home.Aviles.jpg 


After a Royals win, rookie Mike Aviles gets the obligatory “shaving cream pie” in the face from a teammate after an 8th inning home run proved to be the game winner!  FSN’s Joel Goldberg is enough of a veteran to know when to get out of the way.Rick Hummel.jpg 


That’s me with St. Louis Post-Dispatch baseball writer Rick Hummel.  He’s known throughout baseball as “The Commish.”  You may remember last summer he received the J. G. Taylor Spink Award in Cooperstown the same day Denny received his  Ford C. Frick Award.Don Free.jpg



Here is our producer/engineer for the Royals Radio Network, Don Free.  Don’s in his 22nd year.  He keeps the broadcast running smoothly, all while performing about six jobs at once!Splitt & Ryan.jpg 






Next door to our radio booth, we spy Paul Splittorff and Ryan Lefebvre.  Ryan is apparently deep in thought.Three Generations.jpg 




A couple of days after Father’s Day, a three-generation lunch.  My dad, Layton, and my son, John,  with me.  I trust you can tell which is which.John and Cousin.jpg 






My son John teaching his 2-year-old cousin, Margaret, the proper technique for swinging a bat.Relatives.jpg 



These are more of my red-clad relatives.  Melinda, Bill, Marjorie, Jeff, Melanie and Gary.  All of them fulfulling a life-long dream of making it onto this blog…



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Thank you for making some of our dreams come true. We would have been happier with a couple of wins!
Aunt Marjorie

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