The Surface of Mars?

cropped track.jpg








I noted that when NASA recently placed the Phoenix Mars Lander on Mars, that the machine sent back amazing pictures.  Take a look at the two pictures above…reddish soil, lots of rocks.  No sign of life (as far as we know).

Actually, when I saw the amazing pictures, and heard about the perfect pinpoint landing that NASA achieved on Sunday, May 25th, it made me think of what an amazing age we live in.  To think we can build a machine that can fly hundreds of millions of miles for nine months, go through the fiery entry into the Martian atmosphere, have its parachutes open up, then land via retro-rockets to a perfectly timed and placed landing, it amazes me what our men and women of science can achieve.

As an aside, I’m trying to take care of my health (knock on wood), largely because, like you (I hope) I love life.  But I also hope to live until at least 2037 (I said at LEAST).  That’s the year that NASA has targeted as the year an earthling will walk around on the Martian surface.  I’ll be 74.  But, as usual, I digress. But it is, after all, my blog.

Anyway, I was enjoying the nice weather on the last homestand at Kauffman Stadium and was walking out on the field to talk to somebody, or perhaps interview someone, and I looked down.  What I saw made me think.  And that doesn’t happen very often!

Sure enough, take a look at the pictures down below, as we’ve “zoomed” out a little bit.  Amazing “coincidence,” eh?

So, am I becoming one of those conspiracy theorists, who doesn’t believe that the Apollo Program actually sent men to the moon?  That we don’t really have earthling-made machinery operating on Mars at this very moment?????

Perhaps we didn’t land on Mars….perhaps we sent a machine to…..a ballpark….and placed it on……the WARNING TRACK!!!

warning track3.jpg 


mars landing.jpg

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