Yawkee Way.jpg



Yawkey Way is a great place for fans to enjoy themselves before the game…bands, food, etc.  Named for Thomas Yawkey, who owned the Red Sox for many decades.View.jpg


Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912…five days after the Titanic sank.  At that time, sitting behind poles that supported ballpark roofs was fairly common.  I think it’s called an “obstructed view seat.”  I’m sure there have been more colorful descriptions from patrons over the years.

 Foul Pole.jpg

This is the left field foul pole from on top of the Green Monster. This pole became famous during the 1975 World Series when  Boston’s Carlton Fisk was “waving” his home run fair to win Game Six.  The 12th inning, game-winning homer actually struck the pole.  Of course the Reds still won the series.  Fisk once jokingly told me “we won that series, 3 games to 4!”  The right field foul pole is, of course, named for Johnny Pesky .

Monster Seats.jpg
Fans sit in the “Monster Seats,”  during batting practice.  I was there when they opened at the beginning of the 2003 season.  I have the distinction of having broadcast as a visiting announcer for three different teams at Fenway:  Baltimore, Cincinnati and now the Royals.  I still don’t think I’ve been on the winning side yet.Monster Food Stand.jpg 




They’ve got “Monster” food on top of the the Green Monster.  Dogs, peanuts, whatever monsters eat.Monster Stands.jpg


There’s the Green Monster, 37 feet high.  You get the feeling they could add anything they’d like to this ballpark, as long as they painted it that same shade of green.Gathright Stretching.jpg


On the field, Joey Gathright was just a couple of days removed from colliding with teammate David DeJesus in the outfield down in Florida.  Joey stretching the shoulder that popped out of its booth.jpg



Here is a shot of the field from the visiting radio booth at Fenway Park.Casey.jpg


Sean Casey may be the nicest player in all of baseball, surely one of the nicest.  Here posing with some fans who were lucky enough to be on the field at Fenway before the game.





If these walls could talk!  The tunnel from the visitors cramped clubhouse down to the dugout.  Just think of all the great players who have made their way down this tunnel over the decades.









The stairs then take you up to a small dugout.Dugout Pole.jpg 


Fans aren’t the only ones sitting behind poles..sometimes a player has to try to peer around pole in the dugout.Royals in Dugout.jpg



Miguel Olivo and Zach Greinke waiting to do some pregame work at Fenway Park.Trey & Billy.jpg





Manager Trey Hillman and Billy Butler chatting hours before the game.




Security Guard.jpg





Here a security guard helps me show you just how tight it is down the foul lines in the outfield at Fenway Park.Standings.jpg


The standings on the outfield wall making Red Sox fans happy on this day.  Especially with New York in last place.

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