The Royals had a successful first-ever trip to visit the Marlins in Miami.  It may be the only time they ever play in Dolphin Stadium, since the Marlins hope to be in a new baseball-only facility by 2011.  If it was the only trip, let the record show that the Royals have a winning record in South Florida, 2-1 after winning the first and third games of the interleague series.
And although announcers have nothing to do with how well or poorly a team performs, I want to see the Royals win just as much as you do.  So I felt it was my duty….my obligation to make sure that our hard-working, talented ballplayers kept their focus on baseball, even as they were staying in paradise.  Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!
We stayed in Sunny Isles Beach, FL not too far from the ballpark.  As you can see, the view was great!  From here I could see no baseball players out enjoying themselves…
Florida pool.jpg
The pool was 18 floors below and I still could see no one lounging by the pool….beach.jpg
Down the beach…beautiful scenery….still no ballplayers.at the pool.jpg
I figured I’d better get closer to the action…not because I like the pool mind you…but it’s important that the ballplayers stay focused on their jobs…Spent a couple of days poolside and didn’t see any ballplayers swimming or having fun.  Good…they’re focusing on baseball…
on the beach.jpgI walked up and down the beach….a lot of folks having fun…but our hard-working, selfless group of Royals players must have been at the ballpark…preparing each day to face the first-place Marlins.  But don’t feel sorry for me, even as I spent so much time safeguarding our young team…at the pool and the beach.  Hey, whatever I can
do to help!!Trey and Fredie.jpg

OK, enough silliness.  To the ballpark we go.  Here are Trey Hillman and Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez.  They managed against each other in the minor leagues.

ballpark2.jpgIt is cavernous to say the least.  Dolphin Stadium.  It’s had many names.  It’s hosted Super Bowls, Orange Bowls.  It’s also hosted the World Series twice.  But as its current name suggests, it’s a football-first stadium.  Doesn’t have the intimacy the Marlins would like for baseball, or a roof and air conditioner that are really necessary much of the year down here.  Again, they hope to have a new home within 3 years.
They’ve called it the “Teal Monster”….most of that out-of-town scoreboard is 26 and a half feet high…not as tall as the Green Monster…but hitters do have to get it over that thing for a home run.   A lot of rockets off the bat become singles or doubles.cheer.jpg
To help raise the spirits of the fans, the Mermaids entertain at Dolphin Stadium  For baseball.guys.jpg
But, in the interest of equal time, and in the interest of making us cover our eyes, the Marlins also have a group of male cheerleaders.  The all-male, plus-size cheerleading squad is new this year.  They’re cleverly nicknamed the “Manatees,” get it? 

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