Weekend at The K

There weren’t enough wins over the weekend at Kauffman Stadium.  We could have used some balmy weather (which of course we finally got Monday, one day too late).  But it was a fun weekend….so I thought I’d pass along some of the “off-the-field” activities (even though some of them happened “on-the-field”)…
Friday night David Cook, of Blue Springs and American Idol, was on hand.  I’ll admit, I’m one of the six people in America who don’t watch American Idol.  But I admire the talent and the determination of those who compete.  Maybe I don’t watch it because, as a broadcaster, I’ve spent my whole life auditioning for things…and I’m not that excited about watching other people “sing for their supper” since I’ve done it so often…On the other hand, I was a huge fan of “The Gong Show,” back in the 70’s…which gives you a pretty good indication of my appreciation for sophisticated entertainment.  Anyway….
David Cook.jpg 
Here he comes…the girls are swooning.  Many brought signs saying “We love you,” or something similar.helicopter.jpg
A film crew getting shots of David from the air.DC's first pitch.jpg 
David used to be a Stadium Club employee.  Something tells me those days are behind him (that’s not to knock the Stadium Club…Hey a beautiful place…perfect weather…and you can watch the game while you work…can’t beat that!)
Here he is singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”  Maybe it’s just me, but it sure seemed like he got a lot more attention for it than I did….Family.jpg
A lot of relatives in town for the weekend.  My son John (more on him later), nephew Charlie, niece Jane, mother Marilyn, father Layton.Target Practice.jpg 
Bob Davis watching the proceedings…from his corner of the radio booth.  We like to think of his area as “target practice.”Duct Tape.jpg
Notice his monitor has been taped up.  A recent foul ball made a direct hit on the TV without knocking over his drink, which sat right in front of it…Hole.jpg
I’m no Abraham Zapruder (filmed Kennedy assassination).  But I would say that hole looks like the ball deflected off the TV, hit the wall, bounced over to Denny, who then threw it to a fan in the stands.  Another recent foul ball missed the TV, hit his drink…but Bob amazingly stayed dry.flags.jpg
Saturday night was very wet and very windy.  Long rain delay, then after we resumed play it got VERY windy…blowing not just the flags, but the flag POLES as well.John.jpg
Sunday was more fun…weather was better and the Royals WON…and my 9-year-old John got to be in the Hot Dog race at the end of the fifth inning.  There’s more to being a hot dog than meets the eye.  Here he puts on his “ketchup” costume pants…there’s also a shirt, with long sleeves.Mustard.jpg
Royals Sr. Vice President of Business Operations Kevin Uhlich had two “dogs” in the race.  Here he helps son Cody put on his “mustard” shoes.  They’re sort of like clown shoes, and make footing a little tricky.relish.jpg
Cody’s twin brother, Chase, getting his hot dog “trunk” on…He was relish. A member of the K Crew gives him a hand.teeny wienies.jpg
Here are all three dogs ready for a press conference.  Can you imagine how much they’d be “grilled” by reporters if they ever took questions?race.jpg
They’re off!  Chase is off to the lead, while John takes a tumble.  He was thrilled, though, that his favorite Royal, Joey Gathright, popped out of the dugout to help him back on his feet.

end of race.jpg


Members of the KCrew making sure John stays on his feet.  An hour or so later, the Royals had a victory, and capped off a fun weekend at the K.

For those of you who follow such things, Relish won…Mustard came in second, and Ketchup finished third, but he did finish! (Thanks Joey!)


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I Think David Cook should Play for The Kansas City Royals and Steve Why Don’t You Watch American Idol

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