Siberian Express

As the West Coast trip started for the Royals, things changed.  Time zone, city, division, etc.  One thing that didn’t change….WEATHER!  45-ish degrees for both games at Safeco Field in Seattle.  Beautiful city, beautiful ballpark, freezing weather.  So the Siberian Express (aka the Royals’ season so far) went from Milwaukee to Detroit, to Minneapolis (where it really wasn’t THAT cold), to KC and on to Seattle. 

It’s a pretty park, but with raw, cold, rainy weather, the roof had to be closed.  It’s an open-air park, so the good news is you don’t have rain delays.  The bad news is you can be very cold.  The Royals split the two games, winning Monday, losing Tuesday.  The only stop in Seattle all year, unfortunately…because it’s a great place.  So in my limited, chilled day-and-a-half in Seattle, here are a few images:

Thumbnail image for Puget Sound.jpg



Down the street from our hotel…Puget Sound…





  Thumbnail image for Blue Sky.jpg



Just to prove the sun was shining very briefly in our all-too-brief stay in Seattle…







Starbucks…..What a shock!  A Starbucks!  We had one right across the street from the hotel….that’s true at every hotel here, by the way.



Roof Closing.jpg




Roof closing…..Hey…that roof saves a lot of games.  Here it was closing prior to Tuesday afternoon’s series finale…







Ballpark shot….Looking forward to seeing a sunny open-roof day here next season….but nice to know you’ll always start on-time.  Beautiful park.







April 15th was the 61st anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s Major League debut.  They etched his number on the infield dirt.  Trey Hillman, Luis Silverio, Jose Guillen and Joey Gathright all donned the number “42” in Jackie’s honor.


You are missed in cincinnati…

I still have the t-shirt you signed for me. SMU stinks! Ohio University Rules!

You are doing an awesome job illustrating the away games to the KC fans…included with your great sense of humor!

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