Home Opener

Opening Day in Detroit was great, as the Royals beat the Tigers and got off to a good start in a hostile environment. But having been at both events, I can safely say, the home opener was even better.

Despite the raw, cold, rainy day, there was a festive air at Kauffman Stadium, which is a construction zone in some areas. The new HD board in centerfield, the world’s largest, is really unbelievable. And the game was great for the home fans, as Brian Bannister survived some early command problems and hung in there for five solid innings against an excellent Yankee lineup. The bullpen did what it had done on the road trip…shut down the opposition.

I took my camera with me as I wandered through “The K.” Hope you enjoy my view of the Royals 40th home opener.



Royals Sr. VP of Business Operations Kevin Uhlich tells Bench Coach Dave Owen, Tony Pena and John Buck about the 9000 square foot HD board before the game.







The grounds crew squeegies off the tarp as it rained all morning. Notice the other new animated board in left and left-center field. It’s the out-of-town scoreboard a lot of the time, but it can do a lot more.



Thumbnail image for Bats.jpg 



The “weapons of choice” for Royals hitters, quiet before the game…







John Madden likes to say “there should be a head for every helmet.” Not sure exactly what he means…but it sounds good when he says it…







Prior to the game, Trey Hillman facing the KC media as well as New York reporters. Prior to his time managing in Japan, Trey spent 12 years as a minor league manager for the Yankees.







Yankee radio broadcaster John Sterling stops over from his booth next door to visit with Denny prior to the start of Opening Day.





Thumbnail image for Control 029.jpg




The new HD board takes a small army to run from “Mission Control.” Here are a few of the fine people who operate the the great “wall” of video.  







More of the folks who run the board. It takes 17 people to run the 8.3 million dollar monster. I have no idea what any of the buttons do. I can operate a toaster, that’s about it.



Thumbnail image for Alex.jpg



Player introductions took on a much more vivid scale. Alex Gordon being introduced with a youngster. The children escorting the Royals players are kids whose parents are stationed at Fort Riley and currently deployed in Iraq.




Out beyond the right field wall, lie the pieces of the old crown that sat atop the scoreboard for so many years. It will be utilized in the newly renovated outfield area in 2009. No where else to store it. Bob Davis says “it looks like the pieces you’d use to build a giant dog house.”



Speaking of Bob, KU football coach Mark Mangino stopped by and visited with us on Opening Day. He threw out the first pitch. He’s a big Royals fan (converted from his childhood team the Cleveland Indians).




Even the enemy looks good on the new big board. When you come to the park, you might want to make sure you don’t have chocolate stains on your face. Crowd shots can multiply the size of your head to 60 or 70 feet at times! You’ve been warned!


Royals Win!.jpgAnd Here’s something we hope to see a lot of this season, as a perfect Opening Day ended with a 5-2 Royals win.

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