Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Tarp.jpgWhile the Royals were in the process of sweeping the Tigers, a couple of images got my attention, and so I thought I’d share them…

First of all, when we arrived at Comerica Park early Wednesday morning…there was ice covering the tarp. Temperatures in the mid-20’s turned the soaking wet tarp into an ice rink, so the grounds crew had to squeegee all the ice off the tarp…leaving piles of ice on the grass. I thought the ice dispensed in the media dining room tasted little funny……

Thumbnail image for Contraption.jpgAnd here’s a little pop quiz for you. I was walking through the Royals clubhouse in Detroit and happened upon this contraption. It looks a little like a toaster they might have used in medieval times, or perhaps with the “teeth” in the middle of it, you could use it to crack really stubborn walnuts…

Let me know what it is…although I would guess one of you will provide the answer before I get the chance…


It’s a bottle cap remover. You put your bottled beverage into the metal chamber, set the dial for the bottle size, push the red button, and presto!–the cap is removed. This way, a ballplayer doesn’t risk hurting a finger opening a bottle with an awkward twisting motion. Or maybe it’s a hat-stretcher? And if it is, I wouldn’t mind having one for my old collection of sweaty shrunken fitted hats, none of which fit.

Thanks for sharing. What a pesluare to read!

It is a hat stretcher. There is one of these also in the St. Louis Cardinals locker room. I guess the wool will shrink from the sweat that occurs over a game. This model has a heating element to help dry the hat after you wet it to stretch. I’m looking to buy one, but am hard pressed to find the company that makes it. Hope this helps.

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