Welcome to my blog ”From the Booth," another reminder that some people are born to blog, some people achieve blogging and some have blogging thrust upon them….not sure which category describes me…but…Hey!….I’ve completed my first run-on sentence!  So we’re underway!

I am very excited about the chance to broadcast Royals baseball and work with outstanding broadcasters like Denny, Bob and Ryan.  They’ve made me feel right at home.  The Royals may not have as long a history as some other teams, but it’s a history rich with tradition and the broadcasters over the years have been some of the best in baseball.

"Hey, Steve, how’d you like to do a blog?"  I’ve heard that line before….with the Reds a couple of years ago….and here again with the Royals…I guess I must look like a blogger, or maybe it’s my accent, or how I walk….or the fact that I never shut up…so they figure I’m perfect for the job.

I’m not sure where exactly this blog will take us as we meander through the 2008 season, but I hope it conveys some of the flavor of Royals baseball.  Being new to the American League (previously did Orioles games, but with limited travel), I’ll get to see several ballparks for the first time.  I’m certainly visiting new parks here in Arizona, seeing "how the other half lives."  I’ve been to spring training seven times in Florida, but never in Arizona until this year.  I enjoyed the past four years in Sarasota with the Reds, but I really like the weather, the beautiful ballparks and the close proximity afforded by the Cactus League, which is mostly Phoenix-centric.  Next year the Dodgers and Indians move out here, very close to Surprise. Two more easy trips.

The facility the Royals share with the Rangers is spectacular, with both teams completely separate, and yet sharing the ballpark.  On the Royals side, you’d never even know the Rangers are in the vicinity, and vice versa, except when the teams play each other.  And from what they tell me, Surprise has exploded with growth in the five years since the Royals began training here.

It’s been my busiest spring training, doing virtually every game (other than Sunday vs. the Cubs…a good one to miss if I had to miss one, a 13-1 loss).  Every game is being broadcast, at least 20 on radio and the rest here on Royals.com.  It’s giving me the chance to get up to speed on the Royals that much more quickly. 

We’ve seen Jose Guillen and Mark Grudzielanek (did I spell that right? Broadcasters don’t usually have to worry about spelling…) get into games, two important pieces of this ball club.  Manager Trey Hillman allowed them to set their own timetable.  Their delayed debuts benefited some of the younger players, who had some extra opportunities.  Still pretty early to make to many judgments, but a few of those who have impressed down here: Luke Hochevar, David DeJesus, Damon Hollins, Gil Meche, Joakim Soria, Alberto Callaspo (playing different positions, same story with Esteban German).  OK…now I’m in trouble, many others have performed well…those were just a few names that immediately came to mind.

View_from_the_boothThis blog will be interactive, so if you want to ask a question, I’ll try to answer it or find someone who can.  If you want to chime in, you’re welcome to do so.  Just remember, my mother reads this, so watch your manners and be kind…
I’ll also be posting some photos as we travel around the country.  Here are a couple to get things started:

This is my view out of the broadcast booth.  Not bad, eh?  Weather’s been perfect since I got here February 25, and it’s a great park.  Of course, since the Royals and Rangers share it, there’s a game here every day in March.  Those grass berms in the outfield are very popular.Ribs

This is "the other" Brian Williams, producer/engineer for 610 Sports, assisting Don Free down here. At Dillon’s Restaurant the other night, he ordered the "Brontosaurus Ribs."  For the record, Brian could not slay the giant beast.  He got through about half, with Ryan Lefebvre helping him out.  The staff gave Brian the biggest take-home box they could find, we strapped it to the top of the car, and headed for home (ok, it did fit inside the car).


Mr. Stewart,

Thanks for your viewpoint here on the blog – I’m looking forward to reading it as often as you have time to update it.

I also want to thank you for your great performance on each of the Royals webcasts so far. The fact that we can hear every Spring Training game over the web is amazing – and ranks us up with the big franchises. There are plenty of Royals fans across the country who are relieved that spring is here – and grateful that the Royals are committed to providing an awesome package for the fan. Keep up the great work!

I really do read what Steve writes and we are looking forward to coming out to Surprise next week and seeing the Royals! Mom

Glad you came here I love you’re work so far. Can you add my blog to your list royalsonradioetc.blogspot.com I’ll add your’s right now

Welcome to Kansas City, well I guess Surprise, AZ for now. I think you will find that we Royals fans are some of the best around. I have been hearing concerns through the media about how bad the Royals pitching, in particular the bullpen has been, and that in reality they should be ahead of the hitters in spring training. When should the red flags go up about the pitching? I personally feel like since there are still players who won’t make the team that it might take some more time for each player’s role to be determined and that the last couple of weeks of spring training is when we should really see how the team might shape up for this coming season.

Steve, I’ve been enjoying your broadcasts on Gameday Audio. Best $14.95 I ever spent. I love the live mike between innings, it’s the closest I’ll get to spring training this year, unfortunately. I’m looking forward to a 3rd place, .500+ finish for our Royals this year. Keep up the great work!


Wow, what a nice addition to brodcast team you are! When I first heard your smooth, concise delivery I thought it was John Rooney. I look forward to long trips home from across Missouri this summer dialing in stations and finding you and the Royals on radio. Welcome to KC. WIll you be doing TV as well?

Steve, glad you are back in the MLBlogosphere after the great work you did on your previous blog. Looking forward to following it all season and here to help you all as needed as well. Best of luck.



You sound very good…and enthusiastic…which at times we have not had on the radio..met you at the Royals Caravan in Wichita..good luck…Dan in Wichita

I enjoy listening to your telecast from the Midwest whenever given an opportunity to tune in. The addition of the MLB.com access to games is also terrific. I played with K-State in 85 and I am following Mike Avile’s career presently. He was signed for 1K in the 7th round and has produced in the minors consistently since. The Royals should make a tad more mention of Aviles with regard to its media department. Despite Aviles earning several awards, he gets very little exposure. Why?

Thanks for all your coverage during your AZ stay. Good luck in the beautiful Midwest…and try and stay warm. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing your voice for many years to come…you are a great assest to KC and to men everywhere. 😉

Hey Steve North Glendale and KHS fellow grad! Welcome to Kansas City. I am excited for you to be here in KC! My brother Brian didn’t tell me you were here now! Tell your family “hello.” I look forward to hearing and reading you!

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